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Emergency Preparation in Tompkins County, New York


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The devastation of an ice storm in Montreal in January, 1998.
Photo by Peter Grogono.

Winter Weather

In the past:

Tompkins County is no stranger to rough weather come winter.Low temperatures in the negative digits, snowfalls waist-deep, or ice an inch thick is all part of a typical winter here.

Some notable historical events:

Ithacation (ith-uh-CAY-shun): 1. n. (Tongue-in-cheek colloquialism): mixed precipitation usually found daily in Ithaca from 1 October thru 1 May. 2. v. Weather conditions in which Ithacation is taking place: "Honey, wear your coat -- it's Ithacating!

Risk to Tompkins County residents:

Cold weather and severe winter storms will happen in Tompkins County -- it's guaranteed by Mother Nature. Although we are not located in the "snow belt," we always get our share of snow, ice, sleet, and a mixture of all three.

Some other types of severe weather and their descriptions taken from The National Disaster Education Coalition (PDF):

How to prepare:

Additional Resources

National Disaster Education Coalition - Guide to winter storm safety.

American Red Cross - advice on winter storm safety and preparedness.

FEMA - list of resources on winter storms.

FEMA for Kids - page on winter storms.

The National Weather Service, Our local NWS station is located in Binghamton - A good source for information on current advisories, watches, and warnings.

The Weather Channel online. Just enter your ZIP code!

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