Public Works - Town Engineer/Planning

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Contact Information

Jason R. Kennedy, P.E. - Commissioner of Public Works
Robert J. Kozarits, P.E. - Town Engineer
Michael S. Doser, MPA - Director of Planning
100 Cobb's Lane
Fairport, NY 14450
Phone: (585) 223-5115  /  Fax: (585) 223-0448

Office Hours: Monday - Friday 7:30am to 4:00pm

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The Town Engineer, under the direction of the Commissioner of Public Works, is responsible for: 

  • Review of proposed development plans to ensure that new infrastructure, including sanitary and storm sewers, storm water management systems, roadways, etc., are designed in accordance with Federal and State regulations as well as Perinton's Design Criteria.
  • Providing technical advice to the Town Planning, Zoning, and Conservation Boards to assist with their decision making processes. 
  • Construction inspection of all new development to verify that improvements comply with the approved plans and the Town Design Criteria. 
  • Review and administration of financial guarantees established to ensure that new site construction is completed as required. 
  • Providing coordination of design and construction on Public Works Capital Projects. This includes advising the Commissioner of Public Works, developing cost estimates, securing easements if necessary, and interacting with property owners whose properties may be impacted by the construction. 
  • Updating Town Infrastructure Maps and Records. 
  • Performing Town drainage studies and working with the Commissioner of Public Works and Sewer Department to resolve drainage issues. 
  • Updating and revising Town Site Development Specifications. 
  • Analyzing the Town's sanitary sewer system to ensure adequate capacity for anticipated flows.  Aids in selection and design of infrastructure improvements. 
  • Administering the FEMA Flood Plain Program within the Town's boundaries.