Perinton Alert Services System

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Click on the links below to sign up for alerts from the Town of Perinton. The Perinton Residents link will allow you to sign up for all Town-wide alerts. The other links will allow you to sign up for alerts from individual departments within the Town only. If you just want alerts from certain departments, you must click on the link for each department in which you want to sign up. Once you have an account, you can opt out or alter your alerts as much as you like. You can sign up for alerts for your phone, your email or your Social Media accounts. If you have questions about the alert system, please call Communications Manager Mitch Pritchard at (585) 223-0770 ext. 1126.


Perinton Residents

(Signing up for the above "Perinton Residents" link will allow you to receive all Town-wide alerts.)




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